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The Apache Software Foundation is committed to protect the privacy of their Members, Committers and Users.

Confused by the GDPR? Online Meeting on 28 Jun 2023

If you have questions about the GDPR in general, need to know something privacy related for your project work, or have questions about what kind of tools you can use for your project’s website - you are welcome to join an online meeting on the 28 Jun 2023.

Please follow this linke to to see exact time.

If you have any specific questions or wishes we should talk about; please let me know beforehand so I can get the answers.

Please let me know if you want to attend by sending an e-mail to

If you have questions related to privacy at The Apache Software Foundation which are not of confidential nature, feel free to ask on our (privately archived) mailing list: (requires login to view)

If you have confidential questions, please reach out to V.P., Data Privacy directly:

Privacy complaints / Removal requests

If you have complaints relating to the GDPR or CCPA, please reach out to:

Please note, we will reject requests generated by some automated tools. Please see our community FAQ

Want to help? Spot an error?

The preferred way to submit improvements is by GitHub PR: Privacy@Github

If you don’t want to submit PRs, you can also send your message to either (many people read this list) or to VP Privacy personally (

Do I need a DPA when I run your software?

Short answer: no. Please see: software users FAQ

Guest posts on this website

“Guest posts” requests for this website are NOT possible and will be ignored.

Security issues

If you think you found a security issue, check out our Security page for information on how to report this.