Software User FAQ

This FAQ addresses users of our software in general.

General Questions

Do I need to sign a DPA with the Apache Software Foundation?

No. As we are not controlling any of your data, signing a DPA with us is unnecessary when you use our software.

Do you collect our users’ data when we use your software?

No. The Apache Software Foundation does provide software for the public good; it does not include any software in which you reveal your data to us. We do not process, reuse, or sell your users’ data.

Do you provide SaaS (or similar) services?

No. The Apache Software Foundation provides software but does not operate it directly. While some companies may assist in running our software, these companies do not have any relationship with the Apache Software Foundation.

With whom do I need to sign a DPA when I use an ASF product like a web server?

Please get in touch with your lawyer or data privacy officer for this kind of questions; without giving any legal advice, usually, your web hosting agency or your infrastructure provider will use our products to provide you with services, and in many cases, you may have to sign a DPA with them.

My device was hacked and I found ASF software on it. What should I do?

Please see this FAQ: I believe my phone or laptop was hacked