This policy describes restrictions for mailing lists managed by the ASF or hosted on ASF servers.

1) Message/Data removal from Mailing lists

Messages sent to public mailing lists will redistributed to many mirrors and cannot be deleted. Participants of mailing lists or message board are aware that their messages are seen public and can be copied by 3rd parties. Due to the complexity of message removal/adjustment and the unsatisfying result, we consider message and data removals unfounded and excessive and refuse to take action according to GDPR, Article 12 Item 5.

2) Subscription Information

When a user subscribes to a new mailing list, the following text needs to be included when asking for subscription confirmation:


Important - please read this notice carefully before using this mailing list:

You have subscribed to a public mailing list. This mailing list serves the public good. All messages are archived indefinitely and are visible to all subscribers to the list and to anyone who searches the archives.

Third parties not connected to or controlled by The Apache Software Foundation may copy, store, and share the contents of this mailing list.

Do not send to this list any personally identifiable information (PII) like passwords, addresses, or IDs; sensitive data; or statements, declarations, or comments which you would not wish to see connected to your name in public. It is not possible to remove messages that you have posted to the list.

Be aware that your email client will send, with any message you post to this list, your name (which may include your signature) and your email address.

We comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Under the terms of GDPR, we consider removal of messages on public mailing lists excessive and will refuse to act on removal requests.

If you have questions, please contact our Privacy Committee: https://privacy.apache.org/


Currently implemented as Jira ticket