This policy describes restrictions for websites managed by the ASF or hosted on ASF servers.

1) Analytics

All analytics software embedded on a website needs to be approved by V.P. Data Privacy before its installation or use. Analytics software needs to support the GDPR and a DPA (Data Privacy Agreement) needs to be signed before it can be used.

Note: Google Analytics cannot be used on any ASF website because of the Schrems-II data privacy verdict.

If you need analytics, please use our self-hosted Matomo instance.

2) YouTube

YouTube content can be embedded only when the visitor has given consent before loading any file from YouTube.

Please see: YouTube Example 1 or YouTube Example 2 (requires two clicks)

3) Cookies

No cookies are allowed, except if:

4) Using Assets from other Domains

Assets (JavaScript files or snippets, images, fonts, CSS, etc.) from other domains cannot be loaded. All assets need to be hosted on ASF servers.

5) (Google) Maps

(Google) Maps can usually be used, if the site visitor gives consent before the first time a map loads.

6) Social Media

Social Media buttons (Facebook Like, showing Instagram embeds, Twitter pixel) can only be used when the site visitor gives consent before the buttons load.

7) Facebook Pages

ASF Projects cannot run Facebook pages, due to Articles 5 §2 and 26 of the GDPR.

8) Any other software

Generally speaking, you cannot transmit users data without consent. This includes the IP address. If you want to embed a third-party element, you need to ask for consent, except we have signed a DPA with the provider.