Canned responses

This page collects canned responses for PMC members and privacy committee members. If you use such a response, please make sure to always BCC

Reponse to automated tools as “Privacy Hawk” or “Mine”


Tools as “Privacy Hawk” or “Mine” are causing many false positives. Users of those tools are sending messages to (archived) mailing lists, causing even more problems for privacy. Since the number of these kind of messages are overwhelming and most often pointless, PMC members and Privacy committee members can use the following response.



Thanks for your message. Your message was generated by an automatization tool that has been proven to identify many false positives. It is very likely also the case here.

Because of the number of generated messages and the workload they cause, we ask you for the reference you are mentioning.

Please note:

If you still think that your privacy rights are affected, please send your message and the reasons why you think that we process your data to:

Kind regards,

Reponse to “you installed software on my device”


Some users think the ASF installs software on their devices, because they may have found a license file.



Thank you for reaching out to us.

I understand you’re experiencing some challenges with your system and are seeking assistance. I want to clarify that the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) develops open-source software and does not have access to users’ private systems or data. We do not collect personal data from users nor manipulate their devices in any way.

If you’re encountering issues with specific ASF software, I would be more than happy to guide you towards the appropriate support channels or community forums where you can get more detailed assistance. Alternatively, if the software in question is not directly related to ASF projects, I recommend contacting the support team of the respective software for the best guidance.

Please send your response to: (archived mailinglist) or to (if sensitive)

Please feel free to provide more details about the issue you’re facing, particularly if it involves any ASF software, so that I can assist you more effectively.

Best regards,

Reponse to “remove my email”


Sending messages to public mailing lists are archived and public viewable. Removal is troublesome and expensive, as it may have spread through mirror systems. Due to the fact that these are excessive, we can reject email removal. We consider email removal only, if severe personal damage migth be the result.



Thank you for your message.

Messages sent to public mailing lists are redistributed to many mirrors and cannot be deleted. Participants of mailing lists or message boards know that their messages are seen publicly and can be copied by 3rd parties. Message removal, in general, is a complicated and also risky operation, resulting in high costs and many volunteer working hours.

Due to the complexity of message removal/adjustment and the unsatisfying result, we consider message and data removals unfounded and excessive and refuse action according to GDPR, Article 12 Item 5.

For that reason, I have to, unfortunately, reject your request.